Roman Blinds


Roman Blind fabrics include soft screen fabrics, luxury suede fabrics and patterned designs of different textures to co-ordinate with and complement any interior.

Always associated with luxury and quality – Romans Blinds have become much more affordable in recent years.

“We stock the latest fashions, and our buyers are always in contact with the leading European Fabric Houses to ensure we are bringing you the very best designs for your Roman Blinds.

An advantage of our Roman Blinds are the huge sizes they can be made to. While other types of blinds max out around 3 metres, Roman Blinds can be made to over 5 metres wide.

Also, when combined with our fantastic Faux Wood Blinds, you have the potential for huge savings in heating costs, a properly darkened room, and great sound attenuation — perfect for those living near busy roads.


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